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Alpharetta best dentist

Alpharetta best dentist

In the past, if you had a cavity, you were stuck getting metal fillings. That was the only option back then. Fortunately, today, you can get your cavities treated without having to deal with metal in your mouth. Your Alpharetta dentist can now repair your cavities with virtually undetectable tooth colored fillings.

Tooth colored fillings are a great alternative to metal fillings for many reasons. They’re more attractive because instead of metal, they’re made from durable plastics called composite resins or porcelain. Because of their color and texture, they’re a lot less noticeable than metal fillings. Composite resins are not only better looking than metal fillings but are also better for your teeth. In order to get a metal filling, your Alpharetta dentist may have to remove healthy parts of your tooth with a drill to create an undercut that locks the filling in place. Modern composite resin tooth colored fillings don’t require the undercuts to remain in place; they physically attach or bond to the natural structure of the tooth. The dentist can apply composite resin directly onto the teeth, sculpt it and then harden it with a special light. These composite tooth restorations are so life-like; no one will even know you have a filling. While metal filling are strong but are very stiff which can stress the teeth. Tooth colored fillings are strong yet flexible so they won’t stress the teeth. They mimic the natural healthy teeth in both color and function. If you need a filling, you should consult a professional dentist like ours at Northbridge Dental to discover what would be the best filling option for you.

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