Alpharetta Oral Cancer Screening

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Alpharetta oral cancer screening

Alpharetta oral cancer screening

Taking care of your dental health is something that you can do want to daily basis. Every single day, you should make sure that you brush between meals, rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash, floss, maintain a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and avoid anything that can help to increase your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. Aside from what you can do on your own, it is also imperative that you see a dentist at least twice a year for a routine exam and cleaning. Many people only see their dentist in the event of an emergency, but they may not realize exactly just how important routine cleanings and oral examinations can be, especially when it comes to identifying things like oral cancer. Here at Northbridge Dental we provide Alpharetta oral cancer screening for patients of all kinds.

One of the most important reasons why everyone should have a dental examination about twice a year is for the oral cancer screening. Routine preventative care is absolutely essential when it comes to identifying issues that you may not be aware of or exist, and they can also provide you with the opportunity to get professional cleanings that can limit to the amount of plaque and bacteria that has already accumulated with in your mouth. Seeing your dentist about twice a year can help you take care of your dental health for years to come, and we here at Northbridge Dental provide patient with a wide variety of different dental services that can help them when it comes to making sure that their teeth in their gums are as clean and healthy as possible. There are many different dental issues and concerns that may not be readily visible to the naked eye, some of these things may be as simple as cavities that are between teeth or below the gum line, and some of these things may also pertain to oral cancer. Here at Northbridge Dental we perform Alpharetta oral cancer screening with the help of precision tools and procedures like ViziLite® Plus. This is a five-minute test that uses fluorescent light to help our dentist spot abnormal changes in the mucous membranes that line the inside of the mouth or throat, which are very commonly early signs of oral cancer.

With the right tools and expertise, our dental team can provide you with the most comprehensive care possible, especially when it comes to things that you may not even be aware of and that need treatment. Oral cancer can be incredibly dangerous, unlike other types of cancers it is always best to catch these sorts of diseases as early on as possible so that you have a better chance of treating the cancer and hopefully being rid of it sometime in the future. With the help of our dental team Alpharetta oral cancer screening here at Northbridge Dental and with tools like ViziLite® Plus you can be sure that your overall oral health is properly taken care of.

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