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Roswell dentist

If you want to have your teeth whitened so that they can be as attractive as possible, visit us at Northbridge Dental. At our dental practice, our Roswell dentist, Dr. Stanley Sotnikov, Dr. Elvira Galperin, or Dr. Lane Hammond, will be able to provide you with ZOOM whitening in order to have your teeth beautifully whitened and brightened.

ZOOM whitening is considered by many dental professionals to be among the safest and most effective professional dental whitening systems available today. At our dental practice, our Roswell dentist is very happy to be able to offer patients both in-office and take-home ZOOM teeth whitening systems. Our patients can either have their teeth whitened while they remain comfortably seated in our dentist’s chair, or purchase our convenient take-home teeth whitening systems for use in the privacy and convenience of their own home. Having your teeth whitened is one of the most cost-effective ways you can dramatically improve the overall appearance of your smile. And, as teeth naturally yellow with age, having whiter and brighter teeth is a definite way that you can attain a more youthful appearance. Many of our patients enjoy treatment with our in-office ZOOM teeth whitening system which is able to lighten patients teeth by up to eight shades in one, one-our office visit. Of course, the results of ZOOM whitening will vary from patient to patient and we cannot guarantee exact results. But we can assure you that you will be no less than thrilled with the great whitening results you receive from our ZOOM teeth whitening system. If you choose to go with our at-home ZOOM system, our office staff will be sure that you do not leave our office until you are completely advised about how to safely and effectively use this popular at-home teeth whitening treatment.

For an appointment to meet with our Roswell dentist regarding having your teeth whitened with ZOOM teeth whitening, contact us today.

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